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We invite you to join us here at UM Temple for a Holy Spirit filled worship experience on Sundays at 10:30am! Our style of worship is traditional with liturgy, hymns, prayers, and messages based upon the truths of God's living word!

We welcome anyone with open hearts and minds to come Encounter Jesus, Grow In Faith and Serve Others!

We invite everyone of every age to worship and serve with us. Our congregation skews older, but we're growing our congregation everyday with disciples of all ages! Stop in on Sundays to see what we're all about, or check us out on Facebook or YouTube to catch the service streamed live! 


In the spirit of John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, we choose to do ministry outside the doors of our church: We do trunk or treat with Cygnet School, serve as Buddy Break "buddies" in partnership with First Presbyterian church, and pack backpacks with food in partnership with KidsPACK.  It is through this outreach that we are the hands and feet of Christ to our community.  Come have fun serving with us!

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